Today, I launched, a place designed to help you BE UNSTOPPABLE at achieving your goals, no matter how big or small you think they are.

Learning to do more than you originally thought possible is the goal of this site and my life’s passion. Everything I’ve contributed to this movement I’ve done with all my heart because I built it for those I love: my children, friends, and communities in which I work and live. is my contribution to make the world a better place by teaching others how to achieve more and inspiring them to do the same for others. The journey to BE UNSTOPPABLE truly begins with being stoppable. You cannot BE UNSTOPPABLE without first dealing with being stopped. We all get stopped. If you have not experienced being stopped, then you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Getting stopped is a critical portion of our BE UNSTOPPABLE journey… and life.

With this movement, my hope is that you become your true unstoppable self. We’re halfway through the year and have changed so much since January! I invite you to sign up for our FREE Unstoppable Goals course to get started.

Will you join us?


P.S.: In this post, I discussed How I used the Unstoppable Goals System to lose 30 pounds, and how you can use it to build the habits to achieve your dreams.