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Unstoppable Teams:

The 4 Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership

In today’s hard-charging world, success is determined by your ability to build and lead teams. There’s no greater challenge than galvanizing people into teams that are equipped to solve problems, overcome hurdles, and simply do more.

Alden—through surprising stories and lessons from his many years as founder and CEO of the fastest-growing consumer products company in America, as well as his tenure as a three-time Navy SEAL platoon commander—shares the 4 pillars he uses to develop Unstoppable Teams. You’ll also get his C.A.R.E.-based leadership framework, which will make it easier for you to discover a new passion for leading and building teams.

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There’s no better coach than Alden—who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in all aspects of his life from academics to sports, business, service in the military, and philanthropy. Alden weaves it all in to Be Unstoppable which features the story of a seasoned captain who ends up mentoring a young skipper in ways that set him on a new course for achieving his greatest dreams.

“Alden embodies Be Unstoppable with his passion, energy, authenticity, and commitment.”  —Shelly Ibach, Sleep Number Setting 40, President and CEO, Select Comfort

“Timeless and transformative. READ THIS BOOK!”  —Verne Harnish,  Entrepreneurs’ Organization Founder; author of Scaling Up and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

Praise for

Be Unstoppable

8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything

Alden first drafted Be Unstoppable to convey life lessons to his four young sons. But the book has taken off with business audiences, thanks to its framework for success, and it has been in-demand ever since.

This allegory provides a framework for decisions, determination, and destiny.

Barton O’Brien

RSA Data Security, Calico Commerce

Whether you’re looking to make the varsity team on the field or at the office, this book shows how to make success happen. Read it!

Dave Kaval

President, Oakland Athletics

Now in its second edition with new material, Be Unstoppable features Alden’s framework for success:  A young skipper happens upon an older captain who changes the skipper’s direction in life.

“Alden has removed the mystery from success with a simple code you can apply to anything you have the courage to go after.”

Annie Duke

Professional Poker Player; World Series Gold Bracelet Winner

Alden’s personal turning points are wrapped around the story.  Plus, you’ll recognize Alden’s days in business and the military in the book—as well as your own journey toward everything that’s possible in your future.

“Infused with energy, practical thinking, and a challenge for anyone looking for real change.  I apply these principles to my own business and life.”

David R. Duncan

President and CEO, Silver Oak and Twomey Cellars

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More Praise for Be Unstoppable 

Here are the lessons you want your children to learn and the foundation for personal fulfillment.

Luka Erceg

Founder, Simbol Materials

Required reading! A masterful job embedding the mission-critical components of success into a storyline that is remarkable. 

Larry Broughton


Be Unstoppable teaches what’s true: Only action leads to success, and that’s where this books scores so high.   

Mike Faith


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