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Swim Buddy is the smallest team in the Navy SEAL Teams. Nothing in the SEALs is accomplished without this two-person team.

Having a swim buddy is the difference maker between average and awesome performance.

All success stems from how you lead yourself, and how you lead yourself is the foundation from which you build and lead teams and create culture. Embrace change with the guidance of a swim buddy.

Tailored Guidance

Start from exactly where you are today. You will improve your leadership, strengthen your relationship with your team and implement all three signature levels of leadership: mindset, team, and culture.

An All-In Approach

You must be ready to receive guidance. This requires an ALL-IN mindset for when I coach I go ALL-IN with you and will open my network, help you innovate, inspire and perform better, as long as you are committed to yourself.

"Remember: Unstoppable is a choice."

Alden Mills

Are you looking for a swim buddy?

Swim Buddy is the smallest team in the Navy SEAL Teams. Nothing in the SEALs is accomplished without a swim buddy, a two-person team. I had several swim buddies over my years leading SEALs, and they were invaluable to me. They helped me through my darkest moments and pushed me past my limitations to succeed…and, in some cases, saved my life. 

After I left SEAL Team, I applied the swim buddy mentality to everything I have done in life, from building businesses to leading non-profits. Having a swim buddy is the difference-maker between average and outstanding performance. Over the last ten years, I started coaching others using the swim buddy mindset. It is not for everyone because you must be willing to be vulnerable, brutally honest, and transparent. But perhaps most challenging is that you must willingly embrace change by trying new methods and letting go of old habits.

For a small handful of people, I will be your swim buddy. I typically work with only the most senior leaders of an organization. I will help you overcome obstacles, create new ideas, beat back doubt, face fears, and many other challenges on your leadership journey to success and helping others succeed. Why do I do this?

I love helping people Be Unstoppable. 

What gives me the greatest joy is helping people go beyond their perceived limitations. I get great satisfaction coaching a person or team to do more than they originally thought was possible. It is easy to write it, but it can be an uncomfortable experience when you are trying something you are not sure you can do or perhaps believe it cannot be done. Either way, the essence of my coaching is to guide, teach, mentor, coach, and inspire you to be your own best leader. 

All success stems from how you lead yourself. How you lead yourself is the foundation from which you build and lead teams and create culture. I call these the three levels of leadership: Mindset>Team>Culture

Each leadership level builds upon the next one. Think of it like a pebble (your mindset) dropping into a calm pond (your organization), and the ripples (your actions) that radiate are your impact, which is why it is so important to start with mindset. 

My approach to coaching is tailored to the individual or group, and it begins with assessing where you or your team are. We are all leaders, and there is no one style of perfect leadership. Each of us has our authentic version of leadership, and learning to embrace your leadership style is a critical component to becoming an Unstoppable Leader. 

Many people seek my coaching to help them improve their personal leadership, while others seek my guidance to help their team (however, team coaching also involves team leader coaching). Some clients want all three levels of leadership coaching because they want to make a cultural shift in their company. 

The goal of my coaching is to help you succeed

The point of leadership is to accomplish something. The greater your goal, the greater leader you must be. Some goals can be achieved with just one person, but the bigger, more audacious goals require more people. This is why leadership is so important: if you seek to accomplish goals with people, you must be effective at leading teams and creating high-performance cultures. 

Individual/Team coaching is performed on a limited basis and requires an interview. I am not a one size fits all coach. I can work with all kinds of personalities across any industry, for the rules of success and leadership are the same. 

However, you must be ready to be coached, which means open to learning and trying new things. It requires an ALL-IN mentality, for when I coach, I am ALL-IN with you. I will open my network, help you innovate, inspire and perform better, but I expect you to commit. 

If you’re interested in learning if I might be your swim buddy, then please see below. If you’re not looking for me as your swim buddy but want to learn new methods to help you Be Unstoppable, then click here to learn about the Unstoppable Mindset self-paced course. 

Unstoppable is a choice.


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What Others Are Saying

“We hired Alden after reading UNSTOPPABLE TEAMS. We loved his C.A.R.E. methodology and wanted to adopt it within our 600 person company.  What he delivered was so much more than team building and culture coaching. He seamlessly adapted his approach to all levels of the company and inspired remarkable levels of cooperation and collaboration. He not only conducted ‘train the trainer” sessions but also 1:1 executive-level coaching that was invaluable to my team and me. He is a one-of-a-kind coach and leader.  He has earned my highest recommendation.”


$400 Million Consumer Products Company

“I’m a BIG fan of Alden Mills and his three levels of leadership. I’ve read his books, share his leadership philosophy, and wanted to bring it into all facets of our 600 person company. As a co-founder of the company, I prided myself on the culture we had built, but as the company grew I noticed our high-performance culture wasn’t scaling as well and that’s where Alden helped us tremendously.  He truly is an Unstoppable Leader because he helped my leaders Be Unstoppable. From his personalized individual to group coaching, his impact was immediate and transformative. If I had my way, I would keep him on retainer for years to come!”

President & Co-Founder

$400 Million Consumer Products Company

“Alden Mills is what I define as a “Super Coach”. Over the years he’s taken on regular people and problems, and once in a decade issues that we needed help on, that would scare most advisors.  His ability to navigate people, processes, and products have been invaluable to us. He’s worked both at a high level on strategy and also got into the weeds when asked on the more intricate issues that sometimes need that outside perspective and involvement.”


$25 Million Direct To Consumer Technology Company

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