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Alden Mills


Alden grew up on a small farm, in a small town in central Massachusetts. His first dream was to graduate from the United States Naval Academy and attended Navy SEAL training. 

He became a nationally-recognized rower—as a gold medalist in the Olympic Festival, then as Captain of the freshman and varsity teams at the US Naval Academy. Then he served with distinction as a Navy SEAL platoon commander no less than three times. And after his time as a Navy SEAL, Alden became an entrepreneur, leading his first company to $90 million in sales in just three years, becoming an Inc. 500 CEO.

How did he do it all?  Through persistence. That’s right, Alden learned that if he could become fully committed to driving change each and every day, he would achieve significantly better outcomes.  Alden was particularly persistent about learning from his failures.

He has codified his most successful leadership practices in a framework called C.A.R.E.—detailed in his latest book, Unstoppable Teams:

Connect, and you’ll build trust.  Achieve more, and you’ll create direction.  Respect others, and you’ll build an environment of continuous contributions.  Empower others, and you’ll create ownership within your team.

To no one’s surprise, Alden’s motto is, “To lead is to serve—and to serve is to care.”  He believes success is available to everyone, not just a chosen few. And he believes that your potential is much greater than you know.

Start expanding your leadership impact today—and let Alden help you get #FiredUp and Be Unstoppable!

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