Unstoppable Leadership Workshops

The Unstoppable Leadership Workshops teach professionals, at both large and small organizations,
the powerful tools and habits to embrace change, innovate, meet objectives, and overcome obstacles while:

There are three types of UNSTOPPABLE leadership workshops:

Unstoppable Mindset

leading yourself to embrace change, overcome obstacles and find success regardless of situation or environment.

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Unstoppable Teams

leading others to work better together, innovate, and accomplish more than they set out to achieve.

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Unstoppable Culture

leading organizations to a culture of happiness, continual improvement, and perpetual high performance.

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The workshops can be implemented as a series or single workshop depending on the needs of the client.
Workshops can range between 2 to 4-hours in length and are limited to no more than 100 persons.

Alden’s talk and workshop were highly engaging and motivating. He used rich, authentic stories to convey important concepts around team dynamics and leadership, keeping the entire audience fully engaged the whole time. He then facilitated a workshop to provide an experience of the concepts of his CARE model in action – with all of the activities increasing the cohesiveness of the team, and deepening levels of trust and connection. Behind the scenes, Alden was also the consummate team player and was meticulous with his preparations as required for his many successful missions as a US Navy SEAL. He was eager to learn about our organization’s unique circumstances during the planning phase. He brought a positive and collaborative spirit that made him a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend leaders and organizations work with Alden to strengthen their team dynamics, as his work gets to the core at what every team and organization needs to thrive.

EVP, Chief Commercial Officer, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals
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