Whether you’re into Eastern philosophy or Western scientific fact-finding, both disciplines strive to tackle the same goal: understanding how the universe works. For centuries, Buddhists have tackled this age-old question of the inner workings of the universe and have a wonderfully simplified approach to it—they call it the law of Karma.

Westerners, on the other hand, have created a relatively new field of scientific study called quantum mechanics, seeking to derive mathematical formulas to capture the universe at work.

Here’s the thing, they both agree on a fundamental: everything we do creates a corresponding energy that comes back to us in some form or another.

Think of it this way: I hold a door for someone, and that someone passes along that action to someone else by holding the door for them.

How Do I Get What I Want?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am no scientist, nor am I a Buddhist monk, but I’m fascinated by both disciplines and have spent some time studying them. If you embrace the fact that, from a scientific perspective, the energy you expend taking an action comes back to you or someone else, then you’ll get where I’m going with this article.

Ask any Buddhist monk this question, “How do I get what I want?” They will respond, (very calmly and matter-of-factly) “Help someone else get the same thing.”

Success Isn’t About Your Winning and Someone Else Losing

Now this may not be the mathematical formula for success that you are looking for, but is in essence how the universe works. Want to earn more money at stock picking?—Help others pick good stocks and guess what happens? Like your holding that proverbial door for someone else to walk through, the person you gave the good stock picks to responds in kind by sharing other good stocks with you.

You both succeed—Success isn’t about your winning and someone else losing, it’s about you helping others succeed as well.

The Bigger the Challenge, the Bigger the Effort is Required

The universe doesn’t immediately respond to your actions with good Karma. It can take time before the universe repays your intentional actions with more actions that help you progress toward your goal.

Like a slingshot, the universe requires energy to be expended, such as pulling back a slingshot. You might find yourself generating days, if not weeks or months, of output before you see the effects of your efforts. Sometimes, the efforts come in a trickle, and other times, they can come in deluge.

The trick is to keep your focus on generating actions that help others in the direction you seek to go yourself.

Nothing Takes the Place of Committed All-in Action Every Day

One more thought: this topic that I’m introducing is barely the tip of the iceberg of the meta-physical dynamics of the universe in which we live. But the ideas are relevant to anyone seeking to turn a dream into reality.

There are forces at work that can help or hinder your efforts. The more you put forth energies without expectation of personal gain, while helping others, the more you’ll be surprised at how the universe will open the door to the goal you seek to attain. Make no mistake, nothing takes the place of committed All-in action every day.

Never, Ever, Give Up on your dreams, and soon you’ll discover that the universe will not give up on you.

Alpha Mike (All-in, Move forward)—Alden

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