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Alden Mills is on a mission to help 100 million people Be Unstoppable. He is a two-time bestselling author, the Inc. 500 CEO of Perfect Fitness, and the founder of multiple businesses. Throughout his time as a businessman founding and leading multiple companies, he has been awarded over 40 patents. A former Navy SEAL, he is a three-time platoon commander and ranked #1 platoon commander each time. Alden teaches people, teams, and organizations to Be Unstoppable. Entrepreneur magazine ranked him the #1 top virtual speaker.

Are you ready to be the competitive advantage?

A high-touch keynote speaker, Alden takes an intentional approach to designing each keynote: Inspire. Equip. Engage. 


    1. Inspire – Turns audiences into stakeholders by motivating participants to embrace their potential and pursue new possibilities
    2. Equip – Help attendees understand the opportunities and challenges before them, what they need to do to achieve and overcome, and the tools they can use to be successful.
    3. Engage – Bring individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations together around a new or renewed vision, mission, and purpose.

Listening is the key to crafting custom-tailored keynotes that resonate and impact. 

Alden’s process begins with your precall where he asks perceptive questions so he can customize the presentation to an exceptional degree and prepare his best keynote.

I’ve never seen a speaker who cares more and does more to connect with the needs and interests of an audience. A game changer.

Director, Club Industry CEO Summit

Alden delivers leadership keynote speaker presentations on the three levels of Unstoppable Leadership

Unstoppable Mindset

Reaching your full potential begins with leading yourself. We are all born to Be Unstoppable, but unstoppable is a choice. How do you choose to accomplish more than what was thought possible? 

Unstoppable Teams

Every team can have great success, yet most never realize their potential. How do you galvanize people into Unstoppable Teams equipped to solve problems, overcome hurdles, embrace change, and repeatedly surpass their goals?

Unstoppable Culture

In many organizations, a gap exists between the present culture and the culture needed to drive engagement, competitive advantage, and growth. How do you build an internal structure with dynamic practices and congruent values that create an Unstoppable Culture?

 Alden has been honored to serve organizations across many industries and audiences as small as the 5 top leaders in a Fortune 100 multi-national company to over 7,000 at a user conference. He puts in great effort to meet objectives and exceed expectations. 

“Alden delivered a fresh message and on-point performance that has proven to be long-lasting. He tailored his content perfectly to match the goals of our kickoff. He incorporated stories from the day before when he spent time with our people.  If you need a speaker who can prepare, contextualize, and transform your people, choose Alden. He comes with my highest recommendation.”

CEO, Khoros

“Event planners look for speakers who bring it all—a deep focus on the audience, frameworks that connect with people, and a fired up attitude. Alden has the whole package…and an undeniable knack for moving attendees to a place where their full leadership potential is possible.”

Director of Global Sales, Marketing & Events, Marriott

“Exactly right for our All-Hands meeting. What was special was that he was able to customize his message to our group. The problem is, who the heck do I get to top Alden next year?”

Vice President, Partner Strategy and Programs, DocuSign

Be Unstoppable Now

Alden’s services take the form of keynotes, workshops, self-paced online courses, and intimate coaching sessions. Regardless, every offering is customized—and each one shares the goal of helping participants jump-start their growth as leaders, as colleagues, as team members, and as custodians of their culture.



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