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Alden Mills—a humble leader with abundant charisma, vibrant storytelling skills, and a teacher’s heart—brings his frameworks to life in every keynote. 

It begins with your precall–when Alden asks penetrating questions so he can customize his presentation to an exceptional degree. He then delivers his keynote with the passion and experience you’ve come to expect from such an outstanding speaker. Scroll down for more…

Learn more about why Alden and his C.A.R.E.-based frameworks are so compelling.

"Incredible! A life-changing experience."

World Financial Group

"Alden set the tone—then stole the show."

Verne Harnish, Fortune’s ScaleUp Summit

"The best commencement speaker we’ve had."

Case Western School of Medicine

"Nailed it! Alden delivered a powerful message."

Acumatica Software

Current keynotes include:

The Science and Secrets of Persistence

Finding success can be hard, frustrating, and even demoralizing. Many people give up too soon, not knowing how close they’ve come to reaching their goal. Thanks to 25 years leading businesses and Navy SEALs, Alden Mills has learned that success can be a choice. He draws upon his own failures and achievements to share how anyone can succeed at greater levels once you understand the science and secrets to persistence. This inspiring keynote is based on Alden’s highly-regarded book, Be Unstoppable.

Alden Mills ScaleUp Summit
Alden Mills has broad audience appeal. The impact is always tremendous.

4 Essential Actions of High Performance Leaders

In today’s hard-charging world, your success is determined by your ability to lead–yet there’s no greater challenge than galvanizing others into high-performing teams. Alden, CEO of America’s fastest-growing consumer products company as well as a #1 Navy SEAL platoon commander, shares how to bridge the gap between the impact you want and the outcomes you need. Audiences get his C.A.R.E. framework to implement on Monday morning. 

Alden has broad audience appeal. Here’s a sampling of his keynotes:

  • Financial services: Transamerica, USAA, First Guaranty Mortgage, Residential Mortgage Services, VeriClaim
  • Healthcare: Boston Children’s Hospital, Case Western’s School of Medicine, American Healthcare Association
  • Leadership: Fortune’s ScaleUp Summit, EO/YEO, TEDX
  • Technology: Acumatica, Akamon, Jasper Software, Telefonica, Mobile World Congress, Ironhack Barcelona
  • Consumer goods: Select Comfort, Embassy Suites, Groupe Beneteau, Ariat
  • Manufacturing: Lustre-Cal, Implus
  • Associations: GPI, Kansas Farm Bureau
  • Education: UC Berkeley, Dodge City High Schools, IESE

The impact is always tremendous.  Scroll down for downloadable resources.

"Alden rocks! Finally, a speaker who’s walked his talk."

Lustre-Cal Corporation

"One of the best we’ve ever had."

USAA Federal Savings

"Alden made a difference in our lives!"

Select Comfort (NYSE)

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