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Alden—a humble leader and keynote speaker with abundant charisma, vibrant storytelling skills, and a teacher’s heart—brings his frameworks to life in every keynote. 

It begins with your precall—when Alden asks perceptive questions so he can customize his presentation to an exceptional degree and prepare his best keynote. He then delivers his keynote with the passion and experience you’ve come to expect from such an outstanding speaker. Scroll down for more…

“I have participated in a half dozen virtual events with Alden. An enormous success–with internal as well as external financial professionals.”

Division manager, investment management group

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"Incredible! A life-changing experience."

World Financial Group

"Alden set the tone—then stole the show."

Verne Harnish, Fortune’s ScaleUp Summit

"The best commencement speaker we’ve had."

Case Western School of Medicine

"Nailed it! Alden delivered a powerful message."

Acumatica Software

Current keynotes include:

Secrets and Science of Persistence

Winning seldom comes easily. In fact, success can be a mystery. Why do some people amaze even themselves with what they accomplish—while others never reach their potential? The answers come from more than buzzwords and feel-good phrases. Thanks to over 25 years in business and the military, Alden is uniquely able to teach others how to persist for greater success. In this motivational keynote, he shares the 3 essential ingredients for transformational wins in work and in life. When your audiences hunger for authenticity and actionable help, get the real dealAlden Mills.

Alden Mills ScaleUp Summit
Alden Mills has broad audience appeal. The impact is always tremendous.

4 Essential Actions of High-Achievement Leaders

In today’s hard-charging world, your success is determined by your ability to lead others. Are you doing enough to engage your people to create an unstoppable team?

Alden—CEO of the fastest-growing consumer products company in America, and a #1-ranked Navy SEAL platoon commander—has distilled team building into a new framework called C.A.R.E. which bridges the gap between the outcomes you need and the team that can achieve them. Alden draws from his treasure chest of real-life experiences to create a lasting and profoundly empowering experience for your audience—so they can lead others to their greatest levels of success.

Alden has broad audience appeal. Here’s a sampling of his keynotes:

  • Financial services: State Farm, Transamerica, USAA, First Guaranty Mortgage, Residential Mortgage Services, VeriClaim, Financial Planners of Long Island, World Financial Group, Transamerica
  • Healthcare: Boston Children’s Hospital, Case Western’s School of Medicine, American Healthcare Association, Collain Healthcare, National Cardiovascular Partners
  • Leadership: Fortune’s ScaleUp Summit, EO/YEO, TEDX
  • Technology: Acumatica, Akamon, Jasper Software, Telefonica, Mobile World Congress, Ironhack Barcelona
  • Consumer goods: Lennox International, Select Comfort, Embassy Suites, Groupe Beneteau, Ariat International
  • Manufacturing: MasterBrand Cabinets, ThermoFisher, Lustre-Cal, Implus
  • Associations: GPI, Kansas Farm Bureau, Precision Metalforming Association, ENTELEC: The Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association
  • Education: UC Berkeley, Dodge City High Schools, IESE

The impact is always tremendous.  Scroll down for more.

Alden Mills at ScaleUp Summit with Fortune Magazine. Atlanta, GA. May 2016

Alden Mills at LennoxLive (Lennox International). Foxwoods, CT. March 2018

Alden Mills at Marriott International Association Masters Conference. Houston, TX. May 2017

Alden Mills at TEDxIESE. Barcelona, Spain. March 2017

"Alden rocks! Finally, a speaker who’s walked his talk."

Lustre-Cal Corporation

"One of the best we’ve ever had."

USAA Federal Savings

"Alden made a difference in our lives!"

Select Comfort (NYSE)

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