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Benefits of Virtual Presentations and Virtual Events


Virtual conferences and virtual presentations provide an opportunity to reach a greater number of participants. While in-person events draw a few hundred or few thousand attendees, due to limitations placed on travel and meeting space, the online versions can easily accommodate tens of thousands of people. 

In many ways, virtual conferences offer a better experience. On-screen participation by speakers and attendees can enhance the level of intimacy and personalization experienced, even for large groups. Virtual conferences can replicate in-person engagement through the use of interactive presentations, polls, live chat, Q&A, surveys, networking, social media and more.

Virtual event platforms allow two-way sharing of information in real-time. Real-time and asynchronous chat and messaging functions can be both public and private, allowing more people to comment and ask questions.

Virtual environments enable moderators to better manage the flow of discussion. Event organizers and moderators can communicate with speakers behind the scenes to make adjustments in real time and screen questions from participants. 

Virtual conferences and webinars can expand the potential for on-demand participation. Recorded webinars and virtual conferences can extend the useful life of the virtual event, allowing viewing or replaying of the event at different times and by people who may not have participated in the real-time event. 

Virtual keynote speaker events can reduce your carbon footprint. Virtual meetings can be more accessible, affordable and environmentally friendly, even after stay-at-home requirements are loosened.

Go with a Proven Winner

Alden has delivered dozens of virtual keynote speaker events to audiences seeking fresh focus and proven frameworks to help people achieve exceptional outcomes.


For many organizations, the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t so much started discussions about virtual conferences as accelerated them. Regular travel to far-off conferences is simply impossible for some, and more and more businesses are now opting to hold their conferences online. Announcements from prominent brands signal that virtual events may continue for quite a bit longer. 

Now, more than ever, we need strong teams pulling together to solve some of our greatest challenges—in business and in life. As the #1 top virtual keynote speaker who has beaten the odds to accomplish extraordinary things, Alden’s words of wisdom can help us transform crisis into opportunity and move us all forward to make positive changes and thrive in these challenging times. 

Whether you’re looking to create-a-change in yourself or your team, Alden is one of the most sought after keynote speakers who goes beyond motivation to transformation via captivating and interactive experience to help you Be Unstoppable and create Unstoppable Teams. Thanks to over 25 years in business and the military, Alden is uniquely able to teach others how to persist for greater success.

Alden offers keynote speaker engagements via virtual conferences and interactive webinars when your organization is dispersed geographically or working under stay-at-home conditions. From the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, Alden has delivered dozens of virtual keynotes to audiences of leaders seeking fresh focus and proven frameworks to help people achieve exceptional outcomes.

“A half dozen virtual events with Alden. An enormous success.”


"Alden set the tone—then stole the show."

Verne Harnish, Fortune’s ScaleUp Summit

"The best commencement speaker we’ve had."

Case Western School of Medicine

"Nailed it! Alden delivered a powerful message."

Acumatica Software

Current Keynotes Include:

Alden Mills has broad audience appeal. The impact is always tremendous.

The Essential Leadership Actions You Need Today

Winning seldom comes easily. In fact, success can be a mystery. Why do some people amaze even themselves with what they accomplish—while others never reach their potential? This is a critical time to close those gaps, build trust, and inspire all of your people to achieve their very best. But how, especially in our new work-from-home world?

Thanks to 25 years leading teams in business and the military, and with a 4-month quarantine to date with his wife and 4 teenage boys, Alden Mills has secrets (and science) to share so you can secure your most transformational wins with your team. You’ll learn how to apply C.A.R.E. principles with your people, and how to develop the very best R.E.M.O.T.E. behaviors in yourself and in others. At a time when we all hunger for authenticity and actionable help, there’s the real deal—Alden Mills.

Secrets and Science of Persistence

Winning seldom comes easily. In fact, success can be a mystery. Why do some people amaze even themselves with what they accomplish—while others never reach their potential? The answers come from more than buzzwords and feel-good phrases. Thanks to over 25 years in business and the military, Alden is uniquely able to teach others how to persist for greater success. In this motivational keynote, he shares the 3 essential ingredients for transformational wins in work and in life. When your audiences hunger for authenticity and actionable help, get the real dealAlden Mills.

Alden Mills ScaleUp Summit

"Alden rocks! Finally, a speaker who’s walked his talk."

Lustre-Cal Corporation

"One of the best we’ve ever had."

USAA Federal Savings

"Alden made a difference in our lives!"

Select Comfort (NYSE)

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